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    Perfect Keyboard Pro v7.39
    Perfect Keyboard allows users to create macros running in all Windows applications and fire them by keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys and auto-complete feature from within any application. Macro recorder (both keyboard recorder and mouse recorder) and macro editor makes it easy to create new macros. Macros can consist from keys (keystrokes), mouse clicks and macro commands (there are 170+ commands build in). Perfect Keyboard brings users faster and error free typing, complete Windows automation and reliable processing of repetitive tasks of all kinds.

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    PC Accelerate
    PC Accelerate manages the memory assigned to each of the applications running on your PC. Applications running in the foreground receive the highest priority. When an application is closed it can often leave processes running, but PC Accelerate can help to remove these remnants and free up system memory. The software also have two powerful features to speed up pc performance: fix registry errors and clean your system. The interface is modern and does not have many settings. The program runs smoothly and seamlessly in most Windows operating systems.

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    VisualRoute v14.0j
    Graphical View of Traceroute provides key data in an easily digestible way.Results from several essential network diagnostic tools are integrated into an overall connectivity report, providing a graphical view of connection performance report including packet loss and latency for each network hop. Drill-down detail is easily visible with a mouse over any network hop.

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    Fresh UI
    Fresh UI is a fresh solution for configuring and optimizing Windows. Loaded with hundreds of useful settings for Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000/ NT4 / 98 / 95 / Me, it covers the customizing techniques that you'll be glad to know. This software is 100% free, no ads, no spyware.

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