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    RamCleaner v7.03
    The software can perform automatic cleanups when RAM falls below a critical level, and it adjusts its operation based on the CPU load. It also has a basic tool for managing Windows start-up applications.

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    BySoft FreeRAM 4.0
    BySoft FreeRAM is a memory manager program that defragments and reclaims memory from the operating system and leaking applications and DLLs. This decreases load time and boosts application performance. Features: Optimize memory manually or automatically; Flushes unused libraries to disk; Increases efficiency of your CPU; Easily free specified amount of memory with shortcut; Easily free predefined amount of memory; See real time chart of available memory and CPU usage; Automatically or manually tunes system file cache; Skin support; Uses system tray. Version 4.0 includes a new user interface.

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    PGWARE SuperRam V6.5.16.2011
    SuperRam allows you take control of your computer's memory, how physical memory is allocated and help determine the performance of your computer system. Windows routinely allocates memory to applications, games and system processes; over time the memory becomes completely used handling all of these tasks.

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    SuperPI v1.5
    Super Pi is used by many overclockers to test the performance and stability of their computers. In the overclocking community, the standard program provides a benchmark for enthusiasts to compare "world record" pi calculation times and demonstrate their overclocking abilities. The program can also be used to test the stability of a certain overclock speed.

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